Dear Parents and Legal Guardians,

Thank you for taking the first step with AIESEC in Michigan to help us provide an amazing experience to your daughters or sons. We recognize that it might be challenging spending six weeks or more with your loved one being far away from you, yet we ask you to understand that AIESEC is creating life-changing experiences and a full cultural immersion. This is an opportunity your daughters and sons will remember and appreciate for the rest of their lives. 

Going into the process, I personally want to assure you that safety is our number one priority. All exchange locations go through a heavy screening process as well as country safety regulations through the Department of State guidelines as well as numerous guidelines set forth by universities. All companies and volunteer sites are tediously evaluated by AIESEC representatives before being offered as opportunities. For the exchange participant is staying with a host family, the families go through a detailed background check, as well as an evaluation of living conditions. All participants are covered through health insurance, receive emergency contact information before they leave for their exchange, and are welcomed by the host AIESEC entity when they arrive to their host country. An AIESEC representative guides the participant through every step of the way to be able to provide full support.  

Rest assured that your sons or daughters will be going through this experience in a safe and secure manner. For us, stepping out of one's comfort zone does not mean putting one's self in danger. Once they decide to go abroad, exchange participants become a part of our AIESEC family and we would never put our family in a dangerous situation. My team and I are working every day to provide unforgettable experiences for numerous young people every year so that you can see the returns of your investment as soon as your son or daughter comes back home. 

Thank you for trusting us to create an unforgettable experience, you will not be disappointed

Kind Regards,


Nazli Tamer

President of AIESEC in Michigan