AIESEC Michigan has partnered with Innovate Blue at the University of Michigan for the Winter semester of 2019. Any U of M student interested in traveling abroad with the Global Entrepreneur program, will receive a scholarship of $650, fully covering the AIESEC program fee.


Who can receive the scholarship?

Any current student studying at the University of Michigan, regardless of major, school or concentration.

What does the scholarship cover?

Each AIESEC program is associated with a fee that covers program assistance for six to eight weeks, travel insurance, accommodation, airport pickup and more. For a Global Entrepreneur program, the fee of $650 will be fully covered by the Innovate Blue scholarship. Interns are only required to pay for flights, medical insurance, food (depending on the program) and leisure travel expenses.

What are the requirements of the scholarship?

All students who are rewarded a scholarship must:

  • Provide a pre, mid, and post-reflection assessment provided by the Innovate Blue office

  • Provide your name and email, for the records of the Innovate Blue office (Your information will not be publicized without your consent)

  • Posts on social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) at least once during the exchange, using the Innovate Blue hashtag (#innovateblue). If you are unable to post on social media, you are able to provide at least three photos of your exchange with consent to be used by Innovate Blue in their marketing efforts.

What aiesec programs are currently available?

AIESEC Michigan is currently partnered with start up companies in Peru, Brazil and Greece. To read more about specific internship details, please go to:

Application Deadline

Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis. Students are able to apply and receive funding until April 12th, however, there is a limited amount of scholarships available. Students applying in February and March are more likely to receive funding.

How do i apply?

Schedule a consultation with an AIESEC representative at to begin the application process and learn more about our programs. You may also create an account at Please note that all students are required to have a consultation with an AIESEC representative in order to apply to our programs.