Funding the Experience

We understand that funding an AIESEC experience may seem challenging in the first place. AIESEC is significantly more cost efficient than any other exchange organization, and does not sacrifice quality. Varying on the country, an AIESEC experience may cost around $1500-$2000 including program fees, plane tickets, accommodation, and daily spending. Here are some ways in which you can decrease the costs and help make this opportunity more accessible to your son or daughter!

  1. Seek School Funding: Depending on the experience, some universities offer funding for international travel opportunities. It is important to search online and talk to international offices and apply to opportunities in a timely manner
  2. Seek College Credit: Some universities also offer credit for internships. Encourage your daughter / son to talk to their major's department office to find out if they qualify to receive internship credit.
  3. Choose Countries in Close Proximity: Check plane tickets and travel costs before deciding on the destination country. Typically, closer distance flights would be less costly than longer distances. Keeping this in mind, choosing some Latin American countries as opposed to Europe / Asia might decrease your travel costs.
  4. Choose Countries with Low Cost of Living: Cost of living in some countries is significantly more affordable than others. Choosing a country where cost of living is lower can save money on daily spending on food, travel, and leisure. Usually, cost of living in Southeast Asia, Eastern Europe, or Latin America tends to be less than that in Europe or United States / Canada. 
  5. Decide Early: Although the AIESEC program fees do not change, plane tickets are significantly more affordable if you buy them at least 3-4 months in advance. Start planning for your summer trip in the beginning of the year!
  6. Refer a Friend! If the exchange participant refers their friend to AIESEC and their friends decides to go abroad during the same season, both participants will receive 5% cashback off of their program fee.