Taking the First Steps of an Adventure Abroad

Hello all! If you’ve clicked on this blog, it means you’ve shown some interest in going abroad with AIESEC in Michigan. Our local committee, based in Ann Arbor, is always enthusiastic about new faces excited to engage themselves around the world! Each and every interested exchange participant can connect with us to find out more about our programs, interact with other international AIESEC committees, and begin the process of finding your international leadership experience.

If you haven’t explored the rest of this website yet, please head to our pages about the Outgoing Volunteer/Outgoing Talent programs to find out more about the different opportunities we offer! We host information sessions periodically through the UofM school year, and will be updating this website with additional dates and times as they become available. Our next upcoming session is on Thursday, November 16th at 6 PM in Mason Hall, room 3411; we hope to see you there! At our info sessions, we share past stories of exchange participants as well as give a one-on-one Q&A session about our programs. We’ll talk more about our specific partner countries and help you set up a personal interview with one of us to get started! Feel free to attend and get to know the team 

In the following weeks, here we’ll be sharing inside stories from our members at Michigan, our program alumni, and some of our exchange participants over the past few years. We’re thrilled to foster your excitement in AIESEC!